FreeSense Solutions

Оur Story

FreeSense Solutions was established by a motivated, passionate, and creative team that aimed to create a groundbreaking personal assistant wearable. Annoyed by the hand- and eyes-tied use of mobile devices, the team works on a system that supports you in reaching your target potential in full “free sense”. We believe in the power of personalized technology that enriches your life. Our mission is to provide a limitless wearable technology that can adapt seamlessly to individual needs in digital health, vitality, education and professions. We created a Wearable-as-a-Service platform that can be reconfigured to the most diverse needs and applications out there. The requirements of our B2B customers are our priority and we hope that their users will enjoy the products as much as we enjoy creating them.


Provide a limitless wearable data service device that adapts and assists seamlessly to individual needs, habits and physiology.


A Better Life by Truly Personal Wearable Technology.

Our Core Values

Teamwork, Curiosity, Innovation, Integrity

Our team

We are a team of versatile professionals that bring together unique individual qualities. We share a futuristic view of the world, where sustainability for all and quality of individual lives are centralized. What makes us special is that we continuously use our skills, passion, and creativity to reach that goal. We believe that our core values and our shared vision make us the perfect team.