What is the Buddy exactly?

Buddy is a hearable full of biosensors and connectivity that can run customized vitality and voice assistant apps. 

To who do you offer the Buddy product?

We offer Buddy as a customizable technology to businesses that need dedicated hearable applications for their own employees or for their end-customer. 

How much do the three Buddy types cost?

The prices are determined together with the B2B customer and depends on the added value that such particular business can provide for his end-customers.

What kind of applications can be developed with the Buddy?

Some typical domains of dedicated Buddy applications can be found in mindfulness, sports, education, health(care), and work.

Why do you have different technology levels for the Buddy; Base, Vital, Premium?

The Base version can already do more than an average audio/music earbud, next to these basics it runs personal assistance functions without being connected to a phone. The Vital ads all sorts of vitality monitoring and functions to that and the Premium is your voice-controlled life assistant being fully untethered from a smartphone or other connected devices.   

Do I need a phone or another external device to use Buddy?

All Buddy types have functionality with and without smartphone connectivity, however, we focus on achieving as much functionality as possible without this dependency. Our vision is to regain freedom for eyes and hands and not having them tied to mobile devices all the time.

Do you provide a supporting software that comes with the product?

The Buddy is equipped with base software and we help B2B customers in developing dedicated application implementations.

Can you customize the Buddy according to my needs?

We can customize the Buddy functionality for a particular group of users that are represented and served by a particular business or organization.

Where does the data from Buddy go?

Our principle is that the data is owned by the person wearing the Buddy.

What is the difference between Buddy and the other products on the market?

Buddy is the first hearable that is designed to run customizable apps, with or without a tethered mobile device.

Is Buddy suitable for my kids?

Yes, the Buddy technology is so compact that it also fits in children’s ears. Typical applications for kids could be in the area of (special) education and sports & play. And you can instantly talk to your kid wherever he or she is.

How I can order the product?

Businesses can order an application project and have the Buddy customized both in looks and function for their specific target customer group. FreeSense can organize the Buddy product manufacturing and supply or the B2B customer can do this themselves under a license.

Is there a pre-order available?

Yes, application projects can be pre-ordered.

Who can I contact?

Go to the contact form and post your request to us.