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PRESSURE – which stands for PeRsonal HypErtenSion and cardiovaScUlar CaRE –  is a development project made possible with European funding under…

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Cardiac-AI project

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In cardiovascular care, the blood pressure of patients is therefore…

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SchoolBuddy – a digital classroom assistent

a unique joint development project of d-Centralize (owner of It’s Language) and FreeSense Solutions supported by the MIT Zuid program The…

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eCareBuddy – a direct cloud-connected biohearable

eCareBuddy – A biohearable that monitors your health while you stay connected a unique joint development project of Envation and FreeSense…

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Alpha Buddy – Active stress relief through a music bio hearable

AlphaBuddy – Active stress relief through a music bio hearable  a unique joint development project of AlphaBeats and FreeSense Solutions supported by…

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Biohearable technology in 2021

According to several sources (Thrive wearables, 2020), all digital technology that improve the listening experience or monitor our health is the…

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The future of wearables

What is the future of wearable devices? Wearables are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global technology landscape. GlobalData forecast…

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EIT Health Headstart for CareBuddy

FreeSense is awarded with a proof-of-concept fund to boost the development of its eCareBuddy care monitoring system based on a new…

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Hearables – the next generation Smart wearables

Did you know that 2020 was pointed out as the “massive” year for hearables? According to several resources, hearables are the... Read More