eCareBuddy – A biohearable that monitors your health while you stay connected

a unique joint development project of Envation and FreeSense Solutions supported by the MIT Zuid program

The eCareBuddy project is one of the promising winning projects in the September-2019 tender of MIT Zuid.

The project has the objective to develop and integrate a new biohearable (in-ear wearable) with direct cloud connected and privacy secure data portals. To establish this, a smartphone is not required which preserves the system from the plurality and complexity of different smartphone generations and operating systems. Instead, the biohearable has its own WiFi service and streams the medical data via the patients router directly and secure to certified clinical portals (often located within hospitals). Being a hearable, off course the system includes audio features.

Through this combination, further services are enabled such as VoIP calls to medical professionals or relatives and even stress reducing music streaming and other mental health services. We envision that this system enables substantial acceptance and added value for continuous cardiac and health monitoring of in- and home patients. The added value also extends to the hospitals and medical staff who see an increase in efficiency and quality of care.

Thanks to the MIT Zuid support the project has lead to a functional prototype ready for initial tests with users and validate the intended positive impact for both patient and medical staff.