According to several sources (Thrive wearables, 2020), all digital technology that improve the listening experience or monitor our health is the upcoming trend in the wearables market. Even though the Corona pandemic interrupted the supply chain, the market will continue to grow. GlobalData projects that the hearables are towards becoming a $146B industry by 2030 with a highest earning sector of Health and Wellness. Despite the COVID-19 nearly 400 million total units of hearables were shipped in 2020. (Forbes, 2021) According to Frank Fitzpatrick (2021) there are few trends that we can expect to see in our hearables this year. One of them is the expansion of the 2-way communication such as Voice assistants to collect biometric data. Another one is the audio and mobile communication in combination with vital signs measurements that can improve your physical and mental health status. However, new trends may emerge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All these features combined can be a powerful way to monitor your overall health. As Thriva wearables (2020) says: “the potential for hearables is already more than just a music to our ears”.

In the last year FreeSense Solutions have been working on a groundbreaking bio-hearable technology called “Buddy”, that can be used for many purposes such as business, sport, education, e-health, mindfulness and to support your daily life activities. The Buddy is a fully personalized bio-hearable technology that enables all sorts of assistance applications that need music, voice, vital (bio) signs, data, bluetooth & wifi connectivity all packaged in a tiny earbud set. The Buddy is so versatile that many compelling functions can actually run without the need of smartphone or any other mobile device. That’s nice when—for example—you are performing your favorite sport and don’t have to carry all sorts devices that should assist you going forward!

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