AlphaBuddy – Active stress relief through a music bio hearable 

a unique joint development project of AlphaBeats and FreeSense Solutions supported by the MRE Stimuleringsfonds

The AlphaBuddy project is one of the promising winning projects in the Spring 2020 tender of the MRE (Metropool Regio Eindhoven) Stimuleringsfonds.

The project has the objective to provide a revolutionary new technology that helps you to relax, unwind and prevents stress in a comfortable way using your own favourite music, smart phone and earbuds.

Thanks to the MRE support the project will lead to demonstrators by mid 2021 suited for initial tests with end-users to validate the intended impact.


AlphaBeats, founded in 2019, is an Eindhoven based health tech venture. AlphaBeats provides a unique scientific proven solution to effectively train your brain getting into a higher relaxation mode.

Measuring the user’s stress level using real time bio-signals, like respiration, heart rate and HRV (Heart Rate Variability) the AlphaBeats algorithm, combined with artificial intelligence, uses biofeedback signals to enhance the user’s favourite music. As you relax, music fidelity increases.

By listening to your own music for 10 minutes a day, the music biofeedback enables an implicit and highly convenient way to unwind from daily stress with a lasting effect.

In this MRE project the AlphaBeats algorithm and App will be adapted to work with the heart rate signals of the FreeSense bio-hearable called “Buddy”.  Demonstrators will be tested among several target groups to validate the impact.

FreeSense Solutions is a vitality tech SME active in the Eindhoven Brainport region. Its main product is the Buddy technology which combines sonification, bio sensing, data processing and high bandwidth connectivity into a single in-ear wearable. The Buddy is a platform product and can run tailored applications such as the AlphaBeats App next to personal assistant, coaching or monitoring applications for sports, health/care, education and (desk-bound) professionals.

Hearables can help achieve wellness and performance outcomes, while providing valuable feedback through real-time biometrics of your personal wellbeing and quality of life.

Growth in Hearables and their applications is expected to accelerate in the next years according several sources, see for example:

In this MRE project the FreeSense Buddy platfom will be adapted to work with the AlphaBeats App by sending accurate real-time heart rate signals as well as receiving the music adapted by biofeedback. Other features of the Buddy platform will be tested as well. Demonstrators will be tested among several target groups to validate the impact and user experience. 


The MRE Stimuleringsfonds has the objective to stimulate innovative collaborative projects to enforce the regional economy. The overall ambition of the Metropool Regio Eindhoven is to develop the Brainport region towards an economic world player combined with the regional identity.