Smart SwimBuddy


Contrary to volume sports such as running and cycling an easy smartphone activity app is rather impossible for swimming. Nevertheless, swimmers do wish to keep track about their instant and overall swim performance. Together with market partners, we put ourselves to the task of developing a solution for this.


The highly dynamic and wet environment of swimming and the desire of the swimmer to wear as least gear as possible, frames a difficult challenge for activity wearables design. A solution must be able to keep track of swim stroke dynamics, timing, turning point tactics and even heart rate. Furthermore, audible feedback while swimming seems to be the only viable way to inform the athlete. How to combine all this in a ultra-compact water-proof package?


We found the solution in using bluetooth smart communication, dedicated sensing technologies, wireless battery charging technology and 3D printed packaging technology that ergonomically fits in the ears of the athlete. A real-time algorithm processes the biometric sensor data and gives audible feed-back to the swimmer. The Smart Swimbuddy can also be connected to other wearables and sensors or used in other volume sports disciplines such as fitness, running, cycling, etc.