About FreeSense Solutions

We build wire-free data solutions, wearables and applications

With our lean, rapid development approach we realise signal- and data capturing solutions that suit best to your needs. Our white label products and technologies can be tailored to your branded user applications anywhere from ‘thing-to-cloud’.

Vision & Mission

Sports & Health

If you want to get better in sports fast and sustainably or you simply want to stay healthy for a very long time then comfortable biometric sensing, live e-coaching and feedback from your (social) network will be of great help. Our mission is to furnish this vision by providing wearable sensing technology and white-label products to previously untapped sports and healthcare segments.

Other Domains

The internet-of-things triggers the need and creation of ‘new things’ that can  generate a leap in the quality of life and living environment. Our mission is to bring to market affordable wirefree sensor and interaction systems for air quality, energy use and (indoor) location based services.

Application areas

Sports, Health and VR/AR: wearable motion, tension (force), position, HR, temp and audio feedback solutions

Living & Environment: interactive LED, local positioning, outdoor air quality sensoring

Industry & Transport: electronic work assistants, identification, location, motion, force

Let your data work beyond imagination.

With so many options we help you create the best solution.