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08 DecEquestrian Sports Technologies

Partnership between EquInnoLab. and FreeSense Solutions is a fact!

Eindhoven, 8 December 2017 – During a festive get-together at Van der Valk hotel Eindhoven, the collaboration between EquInnoLab. and FreeSense Solutions has been formalised. Dick Prinse and Alex Serrarens from FreeSense and Jenny Schreven and Alain Broft from EquInnoLab. signed the partnership agreement at the base of this unique combination within the equestrian sport.

FreeSense Solutions is a well-known player within the technological world. They have developed numerous successful products in other branches of sport. Together with the equestrian knowledge of EquInnoLab. the partners now also want to conquer the horse world.

The first product will be launched in the first half of 2018. This is the Equine ReinCoach. An excellent smart and easy-to-use rein pressure sensor that is suitable for professionals and recreational riders to be able to measure the rein pressure, to train in a more conscious and optimal manner. The corresponding app has been developed to support trainers and riders and provides clear insight into progress and training.

The development of the next product is already underway. Stay informed of all developments via the website!


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