A year ago the Dutch sports innovation program Sport eXperience started guiding startups and scale-ups in the field of sports and technology. FreeSense Solutions was already part of the 2nd edition – and within one year time the program has organised three rounds of workshops for entrepreneurs who work on innovations in sports and want to market their product.

FreeSense Solutions, -headquartered in Eindhoven- managed to expand its network across borders at a very swift pace with the help of Sport eXperience. It is now growing out to be a global sports community network.

FreeSense Solutions- ‘building blocks that help you get moving in the right direction’

FreeSense Solutions is developing sensors in order to be able to measure the pressure on horse reins. During horse dressage the pressure on the reins needs to be very low. The sensor helps to gain quick progress. Moreover less power on the reins improves the wellbeing of the animal. The app that is connected with the sensor creates a load share ratio for the horse. Something which is very interesting for the breeder’s market.

“ The product is still in its infancy, ” Alex Serrarens explains. “ Our company has a lot of expertise in the field of technology but in order to get a sound understanding of the market we work together with a launching customer. Sport eXperience helped us in that process. The main question we had before we entered the program was if we should market the product ourselves or have another company market it for us.”

” The workshops and coaching at Sport eXperience helped us define a focussed approach and to choose for working with a launching customer. Moreover we gained more focus in our communication. My advice to other starting companies in sports innovation is to contact Sport eXperience. They do not offer you an instant solution but they will offer you building blocks that help you move into the right direction. And they provide you access to a relevant network. ”

For more information contact Alex Serrarens, info@freesense-solutions.com – or read the full article to see what other start-ups of the program experienced. http://sportexperience.org/2016/12/22/sport-experience-2016-in-retrospect/

For more information about the Equine Rein Coach, send an email to info@freesense-solutions.com