After a successful first edition, Sport eXperience continued with a second new class of sports innovations, starting May 9th 2016. FreeSense Solutions was one of the participants. Once a week, the participating entrepreneurs came together to work on their business innovation.
Under the guidance of innovation experts, we discovered new business potential. After five sessions all entrepreneurs presented their sports innovations to investors and stakeholders in the eco system of SX (Eindhoven, Netherlands). By offering a structured innovation approach – based on – inspiration, concepts, coaching and business potential were brought into real acceleration.

Sport eXperience - Accelerator #2

In coöperation with FreeSense Solutions among other startups, Sport eXperience organised a pitch event for potential clients and investors. Valuable feedback gained from the networking partners was reviewed and taken into new structural improvements for following editions of the accelerator.

For more information about the Equine Rein Coach, or other innovations of FreeSense Solutions, visit: or send an email to Alex Serrarens, info@freesense-solutions.comSport eXperience - Accelerator #2

About Sport eXperience

Sport eXperience is the first and only Sports Accelerator in The Netherlands. Together with a Paris based accelerator, we are the gateway to Europe for sport StartUps. Sport eXperience has the intention to expands its presence worldwide in cooperation with Australian, Danish, Los Angeles, Paris, St. Louis and Toronto sports hubs. Sport eXperience works closely together with global sports
related associations, companies and governmental
organisations to help accelerate the innovations of FreeSense Solutions.

For more information about Sport Experience, download this Sport-eXperience-edition2.